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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2004



Mike Ghouse, Dallas, Texas, USA

    If we direct all our efforts towards peace building and get our minds set to go for peace, peace is right around the corner. Peace brings progress and prosperity to every Indian and Pakistani. Each one of us will benefit from it. If you can take a minute to sign the petition listed in the letter below, please do so. Petition is at

John Chathanatt, S.J., Professor, Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi, India

    Itís (Peace Memorial at India-Pakistan Border) an excellent idea. I would even make the suggestion that the monument be built in such a way that half of it would be in the Indian side and half in Pakistani side.

Vasant Kumar Bawa

    I support the proposal. I was born in Firozpur (Punjab), a few miles from the Pak border, and till 1937, I often went by car to Lahore with my grandparents for the day. After 1954, I visited Firozpur only once - in 2001 - and found it almost unchanged.. visited the border and saw the Bhagat Singh memorial, etc

    I hope the Pak India Peoples Forum for Peace & Democracy which has chapters in both countries is aware of your plan.

*Kamran Shafi

    I am with you all the way on this.

Asiananda, Sri Aurobindo Chair for Human Unity, New Delhi

    Good wishes for your Indo-Pak peace day activities

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Prof. Political Science, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden & Moderator, Asiapeace

    Indeed the time has come to proactively campaign for a lasting and just peace between India and Pakistan. We strongly believe that such peace can only be established if we are willing to learn from our past mistakes and take responsibility for what went wrong. Such a process will truly heal the wounds of the past and bring about reconciliation between our two peoples. Our people deserve to live in security and prosperity and that can be possible if we work together towards a common destiny as partners.

Shrikumar Podda, NRI-Sahi

    I have broadcast it to our contacts in US, India and elsewhere and will let you know the response...or you may kindly share any direct responses with me.

Nadeem Zafar, APSA

    Your efforts are sincere and have my support. May we be guided to what is best for our peoples, for that is the best we could hope for.

Shashi Menon-SAPAC, Chicago

    In Chicago, we are certainly hoping to do something to celebrate Independence day in August jointly with representatives of the Pakistani community. The size and scope of the event is yet to be decided--it will probably be on the smaller side since we are also putting our limited energies into a secular peace float at the Indian I-day parade. The next step for us in Chicago is to identify some like-minded Pakistani groups and jointly plan the nature of the event in Aug.

Muhammad Ali Lashari, Advocate Lahore, Rotarian, Rotary Garrison Club Lahore

    Commitment, devotion & CLARITY with which you, along with your team, are pursuing the goal of achieving peace and harmony in b/w India and Pakistan is appreciable and inimitable. I am introducing this petition to the enlightened members of Rotary Garrison Club Lahore. Hopefully using the forum of this club as a source of tangible support for 2004 Peace Initiative Programmes, would be a pragmatic strategy.

Yaney LA MacIver, Oregon Peace Works, Salem, Oregon, USA

    There has been some talk about a major event in August on Hiroshima Day. Wonder if this could also fit in somehow. Seems that Corvallis and Portland (Oregon, USA) are thinking of "big" events on that day. I'll hopefully get to work on the Corvallis event (since I live there). I'm not too impressed with the activist community in Salem as far as coming together and doing an event like this. It was a huge struggle to put on the event last Sept. 13 and more people came to Ira Shorr in Albany at a noon brown bag than did at Cone Chapel in Salem. I'll forward your request on to the lists in Portland and Corvallis.

Dr Maqsood Ahmed Memon

    I fully appreciate ur views. i live near HYDERABAD SIND. i can create awareness among doctor community as well as other groups. there is strong desire among the people to have good relations with india, and why not we r neighbours and share same problems. why not to develope people 2 people contact and highlight groups activities. ready to do all efforts for the group.

Amarjit Singh, NRI-Sahi

    This is a worthy cause to support and a worthwhile initiative.

Kimat G Khatak

    It is such a wonderful idea. Millions of our people died and stay as guilt for all of us who value human life. A monument would be so appropriate and would not only respect the dead who have been completely forgotten but warning for the living who are still positioned to kill each other.

    The Sept 20th is appropriate because it will represent peace and resent war and also the September whether is good in south Asia to visit the monument and get together to repulse the forces of hate and replace with forces of love.

    I would love to help any way needed.

Mohan Bhagat, NRI-Sahi

    We should all stand up and be counted in support of any activity that promotes peace between our two countries.

Dr. Leo Rebello, World Peace Envoy, Bombay, India

    Let it be noted loud and clear that the people of India and Pakistan cannot be separated.

    On people to people level we are one and inseparable. For centuries we have lived together in peace and friendship. We were deliberately divided by the sinister divide and rule policy to prevent the gifted and rich people of Indian subcontinent from becoming the super power.

M Hasan Jowher, Society for the Promotion of Rational Thinking (SPRAT), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India,

    I compliment you on the initiative for Indo-Pak peace and friendship. I and my colleagues commit our support to the initiative with the following observations.

    Both India and Pakistan fritter away sizeable chunk of their scarce developmental resources on building defence capabilities at the cost of welfare of their citizens. And when one realizes that the casualty either way will always be a historic cousin, the reality stinks. Given that the destinies of their people are so interlinked with peace between these two nations, any attempt to promote Indo-Pak friendship, within the domain of respective national ethos, deserves encouragement.

    I detest that Indian Muslims has to mind his posture and be tactful when talking of friendship with Pakistan lest his patriotism be questioned. Yet I cannot undermine the truth that such an initiative has greater chance of effectiveness when taken by the Hindus of India and, conversely, Muslims of Pakistan. Based as we are in the Modi-land where Miyan Musharraf has been successfully sold as an all-time villain this reality assumes greater force.

    Having said that I and my colleagues will be happy to offer any assistance, including coordinating activities from this region of India, to further your cause. We consider all conflicts, whether inter-personal, inter-faith, inter-regional or international as fundamentally irrational. Hence SPRAT will be glad to offer the use of part of its infrastructure for the cause of harmony and peace.

Bikramjit S. Garcha, Ph.D., South Asians for Unity, Atlanta

     I am glad to learn of your initiative to promote peace in South Asia and to commemorate the beautiful persons who paid a huge price in 1947. I am a member of the steering committee of South Asians for Unity, Inc. in Atlanta. I volunteer to help in your efforts and will bring this matter up at our next meeting. Our President Lala ahmed is in Pakistan  until August. I hope we will discuss what we ought to do in august this year. In the last two years we participated in celebration of Independence days of both Pakistan and India.

    I hope we will endorse the petition to the Prime Minister of India and President of Pakistan that you have forwarded. It will be great to have a memorial to the people who pay the price of wars and whose experiences cry fro absence of violence.

Jitesh Malik

    I am going to talk to my group mates about the peace-collage in a couple of days and would let you know what they think. A good day would be to do it on the world peace will also be a time when the fall session is in full swing and most of the students will be available.

    Do you know who is in-charge of the website? I would like to propose a section of the website, specifically the one concerning the memorial issues.

Francisco D'Sa

    It is nice to hear that you have decided to come together with a peace initiative for India and Pakistan.

    My name is Francisco and I am currently active with the Citizens Peace Committee (CPC) Islamabad / Rawalpindi (Pakistan Peace Coalition) and the PIPFPD Islamabad Chapter. This is going to be a joint convention of Pakistani chapters in September 2004 to be followed by a joint convention in India, Delhi in 2004 (dates not confirmed).

    On the CPC front we have been pretty active in the last six years every since the nuclear explosions. Currently we have some activities planned out for the 6th and 9th of August 2004. We have actively campaigned against the Iraq war.

    Please let us know what you are doing and if we can be of any help in Islamabad.

Dr I.K.Shukla

    Wish this 7th Aug. event of Indo-Pak Peace Day (at Portland, Oregon) all success. Wish this initiative to snowball and proliferate both here and in the

    Let no one stand in the way of people coming together and celebrating peace. Let there be no pro-war constituency in any country.
    Only people coming together can build the bridges of amity and peace.
    People together can frustrate the designs of warmongers and jingoists.
    Let people declare resoundingly: Enough. No more wars. Never again.
    Let people declare: Warmongers are enemies of humanity. We will not let them dupe us any more.
    Victory to people from India-Pakistan-Bangladesh joining hands in peace and marching for amity.
    Victory to celebrants of common bonds and common destiny.

Asiananda, Sri Aurobindo Chair for Human Unity, A-140 Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi 110 030, Phone: 29533541, Mobile: 35971130

    Good wishes for your Indo-Pak peace day activities.

Prakash Louis, Executive Director, (People for Peace), Indian Social Institute, New Delhi

    This is a great effort. Congrats. Efforts like these would lead to lasting solution in this part of the subcontinent.

Amit Chakraborty, Joint Secretary, Pakistan India Peopleís Forum for Peace & Democracy, West Bengal Chapter

    It is a good idea. I will try my best to circulate your message as widely as possible.

    However, I write you to let you know that Pakistan India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy, West Bengal Chapter has been commemorating the day of partition any day on the month of August, mostly on 14th or 15th day of August since our inception in the year 1996. Every year we highlight a particular point of discord between India and Pakistan. To name a few: Anti-Nuke in 1998, Religious intolerance in 2002, Peace and Harmony in 2003 were some of the issues. This year we are planning to organise it on 14th of August as the day of divide between India and Pakistan.

Dr Amanur Rahman Sumon, Joint Secretary, Haqqani Mission, Bangladesh

    Thank you for your e-mail. We are pleased to know about Association for Communal Harmony in Asia ACHA.  We could not understand why the subject is Peace Memorial at India-Pakistan Border, why not India-Bangladesh- Pakistan Border or Indian Sub-continent Border. Would you please think over it. We are also interested to work with the Association.

    In Bangladesh we are working with same subject but only within Bangladesh.