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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2012
August 14 – September 21, 2012

Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) is launching its 7th annual India-Pakistan Peace Day campaign for 2012.



*Independence Day: No borders for celebrations, Aman Ki Asha, August 20, 2012

CHANDIGARH: Borders don't stop them from praying for peace and paying homage to the martyrs of Independence struggle. A few youngsters from India and Pakistan have decided to celebrate both the countries' Independence Day with programmes on each side of the border. So what unites Ramesh Yadav from Amristar and Shumail Zaidi from Karachi is praying for peace and celebrating each other's Independence Day. The bitter wounds of Partition have apparently healed for the young generation in both the countries as they flew kites, cooked meals, chalked out plans to hold iftaar parties at an orphanage and paid homage at Jallianwala Bagh on I-Day of each nation…

*Pakistani, Indian prisoners fly kites in Jammu, Aman Ki Asha, August 15, 2012

According to a news report, there are seventy Pakistani prisoners among the 594 inmates at Jammu's Kot Bhalwal Jail. Recently, the prisoners jointly participated in Janamashtami festivities in the traditional way by flying kites and dancing to drum beats. A short video report at NBS News ( shows laughing prisoners releasing and flying kites on a grassy field, to the sound of drums and shouts. A uniformed jail official also dances in some of the shots. "I feels nice, all the drumming and fun. I feel like I'm ten years old," red-bearded Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah told reporters.

*Indians, Pakistanis light peace candles at border, SAMN, August 15, 2012
Journalists, political leaders and peace activists from Pakistan and India assembled at the Wagha-Attari border on August 14-15 midnight to pay homage to the martyrs of the freedom movement, lit candles in their memory and vowed to promote peace and friendship between the two countries. South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA), in collaboration with the Hind-Pak Dosti Manch, organized the candle vigil to express the aspirations of the people of Pakistan and India for good relations between the two neighbouring countries….Hundreds of people on both sides of the international border shouted for peace lending their voice to the demand for friendship.

*Midnight tryst with peace - on India-Pakistan border, IANS, 15 Aug 2012

Attari (Punjab), Aug 15 (IANS) As the midnight hour approached, Indians and Pakistanis faced each other across the border holding candles to reinforce the spirit of harmony and shared heritage in troubled times… About 100 people gathered at the road border, about 30 km from Amritsar, shouting slogans like "Hind-Pakistan Maitri Zindabad", "Pakistan Zindabad" and "Hindustan Zindabad". Another slogan which rent the air was "Bhai ko bhai se milne do" (let the brothers meet)




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