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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2007


August 14 through the U. N. Day of Peace on September 21, 2007


August 14
Let there be peace in Pakistan and in its neighborhood, and let it begin in my heart.
August 15 Let there be peace in India and in its neighborhood, and let it begin in my heart.
August 16 Let me be an expression of peace and goodwill everywhere.
August 17 Let all of us be united in mutual respect.
August 18 May I have the courage to make peace in my heart, in my family, in my neighborhood and in my place of work.
August 19 Let me have the strength to radiate love.
August 20 May I recognize and grasp the magnificent possibilities of today.
August 21 Let me be the very love I wish to see in the world.
August 22 Uniting with those around me, let me speak and act from within the love that unites us.
August 23 Let world peace become a reality, one heart at a time.
August 24 From the love in my heart I contribute to a consciousness of global peace.
August 25 May the leaders of the world be blessed.
August 26 In the calm of meditation, I am immersed in peace.
August 27 Through an outpouring of cosmic love, there is peace in the world.
August 28 I bring peace to all that I touch.
August 29 With every breath, I am contributing to world peace.
August 30 I bless the world with acceptance, understanding, compassion, and peace.
August 31 Declaring my oneness with all life, I radiate peace.
September 01 I envision world leaders uniting humanity in peace.
September 02 Uniting with others in thought and action, I work for the good of humankind.
September 03 Guided by this spirit of love, I make peaceful decisions.
September 04 I give thanks for the earth as the peaceful home of all.
September 05 Love unites us all in a circle of peace.
September 06 I cradle the world and all people in my love.
September 07 The power of love watches over us all, wherever each one of us happens to be.
September 08 I accept these gifts of peace and share them with all others.
September 09 I am united with all others in love.
September 10 A river of peace flows deep and strong throughout the world.
September 11 In memory of the victims of past violence I bless the world in my own unique way.
September 12 From the love in my heart, I understand those around me.
September 12 From the love in my heart, I understand those around me.
September 13 I am a peace maker; I establish harmony and peace in my life and in the world.
September 14 May I be blessed with generosity, peace, and compassion.
September 15 Immersed in liberating, unconditional love, I forgive myself and others.
September 16 In tune with universal love, I enjoy life and experience harmonious relationships.
September 17 In the sanctuary of universal love, I experience absolute peace
September 18 I am one in spirit with all people. Peace prevails in my heart and in the world.
September 19 Thought by thought, I create consciousness of peace that blesses the world.
September 20 I celebrate the life, love, and peace within me and within the world.
September 21 United in a powerful network of all who are joined in love, I pray for peace within me, around me, and in the whole world.