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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2011
August 14 – September 21, 2011

Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) is launching its 7th annual India-Pakistan Peace Day campaign for 2011.


“Peace for Prosperity in India and Pakistan” will be the theme for this year.
Except for a few and brief periods, mistrust and hostility have characterized India-Pakistan relations, for more than 60 years. This state of affairs has led to allocation of a disproportionately large percentage of national resources to military, and to neglect of human development. The governments have gambled away welfare and future of their people to sustain the rivalry.

Certainly successive governments of India and Pakistan are responsible for these policies and the current conditions. But people also have to share responsibility. They got the governments which they voted for and supported.

Civil societies in both countries as well as the ex-patriots have to provide leadership to ensure that the governments reverse the suicidal course.

Therefore, our campaign this year seeks to build popular support and encourage civil society leadership for an end to rivalry between India and Pakistan so that their people can thrive and prosper.

To this end we will soon launch a petition. Also, we urge peace and harmony activists and supporters to organize India-Pakistan Peace Day 2011 everywhere and to celebrate it with activities suitable to this year’s theme.
India-Pakistan Peace Day 2011 can be organized, any day between Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14, 2011 and International Day of Peace on September 2, 20111.

Announcements & Reports

Please do not forget to email us at announcements of your events. We will help you publicize them, and post them in the Announcements section of this website.

Also, upon their completion, please email us brief reports of your events, along with a couple of digital photographs. We will post them in the Reports section of this website.

Best wishes,
Pritam Rohila, Ph.D
Executive Director




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