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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2010
August 14 – September 21, 2010

Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) is launching its 7th annual India-Pakistan Peace Day campaign for 2010.

We encourage all peace and harmony activists and supporters to organize India-Pakistan Peace Day 2010 everywhere, any day between Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 and International Day of Peace on September 21.


Peace WITHIN for peace BETWEEN India and Pakistan is the theme for this year’s campaign. Its choice is based on our belief that

  1. Currently India and Pakistan face far more serious threat to their integrity, security and prosperity from what is happening within than from anything happening from across the common border; and
  1. Peace WITHIN India and Pakistan will be very helpful for promoting peace BETWEEN them.


Like last year, this year also we will continue ACHA Pledge of Peace and Harmony as the core of this year’s celebrations of India-Pakistan Peace Day 2010.

I pledge --

I will not intentionally use my hands or my words to harm anyone;

I will treat my sisters and daughters with at least as much love and respect as I treat my
brothers and sons; and

I will treat all my neighbors as deserving of my respect, regardless of their class, caste,
sect or religion.


Public events involving taking or signing of ACHA Pledge of Peace & Harmony would be appropriate.

Also peace camps for children and youth can be organized with activities designed to help participants to --

  1. Respect themselves as individuals;

  2. Develop skills in independent thinking, empathetic listening, cooperative problem-solving and compassionate conflict-resolution;

  3. Inculcate the noble values of kindness, compassion, tolerance and nonviolence;

  4. Adopt ways of living in peace and harmony with others, especially those who differ from them in social status, religious beliefs, and national origin; and finally

  5. Become decent human beings and good members of their family, neighborhood, nation and the global village.

Announcements & Reports

Please do not forget to email us at announcements of your events.

Also, upon their completion, please email us brief reports of your events, along with a couple of digital photographs.

We will include them in the ANNOUNCEMENTS & REPORTS sections on our as well as in our daily bulletin “Peace & Harmony News from South Asia.”

Also, please let us know if you can help us in this campaign.

Best wishes,
Pritam Rohila, Ph.D
Executive Director



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