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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2008

In 2004, the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) started India-Pakistan’s Peace Day. Now, we are ready to launch this campaign for the year 2008.

Dear Supporter of India-Pakistan Peace:

We, the Members and Directors of the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA), urge you to organize India-Pakistan Peace Day 2008 everywhere, any day between the Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 and United Nations Day of Peace on September 21.

The theme for this year’s campaign will be “Peace in My Family, Harmony in My Neighborhood.”

The campaign will have the following two components:

  1. A Pledge of Peace & Harmony, and
  2. A Virtual Memorial for the Victims of the 1947 Partition-related Violence.

Details follow at the end of this note.

As a part of your India-Pakistan Peace Day 2008 celebration, please organize in your area a project, which is appropriate to the theme, “Peace in My Family, Harmony in My Neighborhood.”

Be sure to send to  a brief report of your project, along with a couple of digital pictures. We will post them on, one of our two websites.

You may wish to visit for India-Pakistan Peace Day celebrations in previous years.

Please direct your questions, comments and concerns about our campaign to the undersigned at

Best wishes,
Members & Directors
Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA)


Peace in My Family, Harmony in My Neighborhood

The motto, “Think Globally, Act Locally,” is very appropriate for promoting peace and harmony anywhere, but particularly in India and Pakistan.

In spite of occasional setbacks, increasing support, in recent years, by their peoples and governments of India and Pakistan, has led to steady improvement in the relationships between the two nations.

But the escalating domestic tensions threaten the integrity of each of the two countries and welfare of their peoples.

Therefore, “Peace in My Family, Harmony in My Neighborhood” appears to be a suitable theme for India-Pakistan Peace Day 2008 campaign.

Pledge of Peace & Harmony

Peace and harmony are not a spectator sport.

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do something to promote peace and harmony around us.

Instead each of us has to take a personal action in this regard.

The following Pledge will help you to make a personal commitment about peace and harmony in your life and around you.

I pledge that…

I will not use my hands or my words to harm anyone;

I will treat my sisters and daughters with at least as much love and respect as I treat my brothers and sons; and

I will treat all my neighbors as deserving of my respect, regardless of their class, caste, sect or religion.

Virtual Memorial for the Victims of India’s Partition in 1947

Our attempts to persuade the governments of India and Pakistan to build, at Wagah border-crossing,  a suitable JOINT memorial for ALL the innocent victims of the violence associated with India’s Partition in 1947, have not been successful, so far.

While waiting for the time when the governments of India and Pakistan will have the wisdom and the courage to make it happen, we have set up a virtual memorial for the victims linked to our website at

To honor the victims from your family, who lost their lives or suffered unnecessary hardship in the unconscionable Partition-related violence, we invite you and your friends to inscribe their names.

Also, if you know, please indicate the pre-Partition location of the victims. Do not forget to sign in your name, your current location, and a brief message, as well.


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