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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2005



India-Pakistan Peace Day Campaign is dervied from the following two different initiatives. Leaders of these initiave support this campaign.

1998      On behalf of Pakistanis for Peace & Alternative Development (PPAD), Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Associate Professor of Political Science circulated a petition to the governments of India and Pakistan to build a memorial, at Wagah-Attari Border, to the victims of Partition-related violence in 1947. On September 28, 2002, the petition was revived in collaboration with the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA).

2003       Develop in Peace (DIP) and Action group of Physicians of South Asia (APSA) spearheaded an effort to organize joint celebrations of Independence Days of India and Pakistan. Some of the celebrations and Peace Vigils and were organized, on and around August 16, at several places including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Madison, and Palo Alto, in collaboration with such groups as Friends of South Asia (FOSA), and the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia.

Also, India-Pakistan Peace Day Campaign is tribute to the invaluable and pioneering work being done by several Peace Actvists and Organizations, but particularly those listed below:


·         Achin Vanaik

·         Association of Peoples of Asia (APA)

·         B. M. Kutty

·         Beena Sanwar

·         Center for Global Nonviolence

·         Citizens’ Peace Committee

·         Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP)

·         EKTA (Committee for Communal Amity)

·         Friends of South Asia (FOSA)

·         Glenn D. Paige

·         Hari Sharma

·         Harsh Kapoor

·         Ishtiaq Ahmed

·         I. A. Rahman

·         International Centre for Peace Initiatives

·         International South Asia Forum (INSAF)

·         Joint Action Committee foe People’s Rights

·         Kuldip Nayar

·         L. Ramdas

·         M. B. Naqvi

·         M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

·         Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament (MIND)

·         Nirmala Deshpande

·         Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace & Democracy (PIPFPD)

·         Pakistan Peace Coalition

·         Pavan Nair

·         Pervez Hoodbhoy

·         Praful Bidwai

·         Qaumantri Punjabi Bhaichara

·         S. P. Udaykumar

·         Saleem Ali

·         Sandeep Pandey

·         South Asia Citizens Web

·         South Asians Against Nukes (SAAN)

·         South Asian Network for Secularism & Democracy (SANSAD)

·         Sundeep Waslekar

·         Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA)