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*AZAD KI DUA' - Shahvaar Ali Khan (Singer/Composer), (Poet)

Written by a Hindu poet Jagan Nath Azad on August 11, 1947 at the behest of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and for this video, which was directed by Saad Hassan Khan & Beenish Mir, it was sung and composed by Shahvaar Ali Khan on August 7, 2012.


It was penned before the 1947 Partition by Sir Muhammad Iqbal, a well-known Muslim philosopher, poet and politician in British India.  This video is a Harp production with vocals by Smriti Caprihan & Mukund, and is directed by Anhad Kashyap & Achint Setia.

India-Pakistan Peace Day 2012
August 14 – September 21, 2012

Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) is launching its 8th annual India-Pakistan Peace Day campaign for 2012.


*August 14 & 15: India, Pakistan artistes to celebrate Independence Day at Munabao
In an effort to send out a message of peace and harmony, folk artists, social workers and other eminent personalities from both the countries are set to take part in the Independence Day celebrations on August 14-15 at Munabao, the border village in Jaisalmer district. The event, a first at the Rajasthan border, is a brainchild of Magsaysay Award winner Aruna Roy and social activist Nikhil Dey.

They said that folk artists residing in Thar Desert of Barmer-Jaisalmer play Neembuda-Neembuda, Kesaria Balam including other famous folk songs, which the folk artists of Sindh area across the border also play.

*August 14 & 15: Pray for Peace between India and Pakistan

Last year, at least 200 000 people supported Swati Sharan’s Pray For Peace Day initiative. This year, she requests all to pray for peace between India and Pakistan in their style as part of a good deed for the day on Aug 14 and 15. People could pray together, for a few minutes, in their own styles, in their neighborhoods. Also they could do art, yoga, sports, music, writing, or facebooking. More information from or connect on the Facebook Event "Celebrate Pakistan, India Independence Days for Peace, Aug 14-15, 2012" -

*August 14 & 15: Pakistanis, Indians celebrate Independence Days together for Peace (Worldwide)

Although many questions remain about 'independence', Indians and Pakistanis every year join hands on Aug 14 and 15 to celebrate each other's Independence Day together and wish each other well. However, since not everyone can be physically present at the border on Aug 14/15, we invite supporters of peace to get together wherever in the world they are, at any time on Aug 14 and 15, and spend a few moments meditating, praying, envisioning peace between India and Pakistan. Some may make it more of an event with speeches, food, artworks etc. Do share your ideas and efforts here, in order to make it more of a collective initiative, because together we can. Let's coordinate to make this year's celebrations more visible. Please join in whereever you are. Please feel free post to information about relevant events. The idea for this comes from the "Pray for Peace Between India and Pakistan" initiative.

 Participating groups:
- Aman ki Asha
- Institute for Peace and Secular Studies
- Pray for Peace between India and Pakistan
- Pakistan Youth Alliance
- Ummeed-e-Milaap
- Indo-Pak Peace Media
- Romancing the Border

*August 17-18: Bharat- Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra

India and Nepal allow people to move freely across their common border. This bond of peace, harmony, love and trust, promotes a desire among their peoples to communicate, interact and travel for the hope of a better life. In order to celebrate this bond and send a message to SAARC that such a bond of trust can be extended in the entire South Asian region, Mission Bhartiyam has decided to organize a ‘Bharat- Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra’ on 17-18 August from Kushinagar (India) to Lumbini (Nepal).

They have chosen Kushinagar and Lumbini because both are Buddhist sites of pilgrimage, provide one of the cultural links between the two nations, and Buddha’s teachings promote the feelings of love, peace, non-violence and brotherhood.
In coming years, Mission Bhartiyam plans to organize similar yatras to the other SAARC nations. More info from,, &

*September 23: Remembering Partition 1947: Dialogue for Healing and Change

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of India and Pakistan, and to celebrate International Peace Day 2012, Interchange GTA is hosting a dialogue focused on shared understanding, healing and change regarding the 1947 Partition. It will be a welcoming, inclusive event where people can tell their stories; share their experiences; and seek to understand others. Also issues such as the following will be explored:

1) What made it possible for people to kill their own neighbours?
2) How do the events of 1947 continue to affect people?
3) How can we move towards healing and reconciliation?

The event will be held 2 to 5 PM, at Peace Lounge, 7th floor, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE), 252, Bloor St. West, Toronto. More info from Malik Rashid,





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